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B1 expires in 2 weeks...

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  • B1 expires in 2 weeks...

    Sorry for the long post.... I am confused...
    I entered the U.S with a B1 visa. I had an invitation from a company.
    I got a 3 months stamp.
    The business with the company that invited me didn't work out and I started to do a research for another business.
    My new business is not related to original one- this is different fields
    Now I want to extend my staying.
    I am planing to go to the caribbean 6 days before my visa expires for a few days.
    When they will ask me in the immigration what I am doing here- what should I answer?
    the original business or the new one?
    Do they keep record of what when I enter the country?
    Does the immigration officer has the visa request information in front of him?
    Or should I try to extend the visa from here? if the extension is refused- would it affect my next visit( assume I leave before I get an answer)

    Thanks for the answers...