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B1 refused under 221(g) and given a pink slip

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  • B1 refused under 221(g) and given a pink slip

    Hello mam,

    I attended my B1 visa interview on 5th sep,2006. My visa was refused under 221(g) and was given a pink slip having case number with a hand written explanation on it and telling me to send the required information using e-mail.

    My doubt is how much more time does it take to complete all the required process i.e sending the required information and get a visa.
    What is the process here. Can i hope that i can still get the visa after sending the information?. Please help me out.

    Questions asked:

    1. What is the purpose of the visit.
    2. Who are the clients for your company.
    3. What is your job profile.
    4. What is your job profile in your previous company and who are the clients.

    I trembled here in question 4. Suddenly i could not remember the names of the clients for my previous company where i worked. Finally my visa got rejected.