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  • B1 for training

    my visa interview is on 25 sep. in my DS156 form i didnt mention surname coz none was given in passport. also in the home address i havnt given my permanant residence address, instead iv given my correspondencs address coz nothing was mentioned. will it affect? also the address given in passport is different from my permanent address or correspondencs address coz it was issued some time back. also in DS157 i have mentioned that one of my immediate(blood relation) relatives is a permanent legal resident of US..will this affect my getting the visa or not. what preparation is required if this has been mentioned. my company is sending me for a training.


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    Hi Saloni

    It is process throughu comp or yourself, incase it is process throghu the comp u send request to your concern pesron they will do changes in DS-156 & DS-157 Forms,They are having writes for editing the PDF File within hours. u will get new DS-156 Form.



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      more doubts

      thanks chandrashaker for the quick reply..however some of my questions are still unanswered. should i hav put my permanant address instead of correspondence address in DS156. how does it matter? and since my surname is anyway not given in passport so i left the surname field blank..coz i was told to put exactly what is given in passport. so is there a need to make changes in the forms.