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  • B1 Visa Info Needed

    My previous employer had filed for my B1 and had asked me to fill the info online on the website. I did that, I filled my DS 156 and DS 157 forms too. But I was told not to take an appointment until told. I did not. In the mean time I got another job and switched companies. So I never took an appointment or went for an interview.
    I am not sure if my last employer scheduled an interview and then cancelled it. As far as I know, I was told that they had not taken an appointment for me.
    Now my present employer is filing for my B1. My queries are
    1. Since I had entered the information earlier on the VFS website so this time around should I state that I had applied for B1 earlier too ?
    2. How can I check if an interview was schduled last time or not? My last employer is not very forthcoming with information. Since I no longer work there.
    3. I am told to fill 156 and 157 forms again by my present employer. What happens to the earlier data ?
    4. In Form 157 under education details I had filled my Graduate degree details last time around . Do I need to fill my school and Higher Secondary Certification details too.
    Please guide.
    Thanks a lot.

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    You need not worry about whatever happened last time since you didnt attend the interview.

    the consulate does not going to question the people who didnt turn up for the interview as the consulate has nothing to lose.

    you really need to give all the details in your new DS-156 & DS-157 as whatever you saved on the online application form stays just for 7 days and the details automatically gets deleted if didnot book an appointment within that 7 days

    so dont worry and be and good luck 2 u