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Need help for third country visa application!!

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  • Need help for third country visa application!!

    Hi All

    I started a master program this spring. I couldn't pay my tuition due to circumstance beyond my control , the college ternimated my f1 status in July. I transfered to a language school and applied for the reinstatement of my f1 last month. I received a letter from UCSIS yesterday that says the previous college must request the reinstatement. Unfornately, they won't reinstate my f1 because I won't be their students. I was told I can travel outside US to apply for a new visa. I always can return to my home country. Yet my question is "can i travel to third country as Canada or Mexico to apply for my new visa?

    In the letter it says that I must request reinstatement by March 12, 2007. I heard that you can go to third country only if you are in legal status. can i still travel to third country based on my current situation? ( because the letter allow me to respond by March 12, so I choose to travel outside us to get a new visa instead of reinstatement)

    Besides, the problem is that I must explain why I go back to language study. I was told that I can indicate that I should get a very high TOEFL or GMAT/GRE scores to apply for a top school program. Yet I was also told that it's unlikely to be approved by a I-20 issued from a language school. it's better to have a I-20 issued from a master or above program. Since I have previously admitted by several master program, i can get a new I-20 very soon.

    What should I do? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks