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B1 rejected, can 2nd rejection bring me 2 years blacklisting?

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  • B1 rejected, can 2nd rejection bring me 2 years blacklisting?


    I had an interview for B1 visa on 2nd september as i was going there for an employer sponsored knowledge transfer program. But consulte denied to issue me a visa under section 214 (b). I dont know the reason but following is the conversation happened at emabassy:-

    Officer:- How long has it been since you joined <company name>?
    Me: - I Joined at 6 th august.
    Officer:- why do you want to go to United states?
    Me:- I want to go there for a knowledge transfer purpose,
    Officer:- Why do you need to be there? it can happen over phone, email or documentation.
    Me: Fiserv has Data center there, I will need to know the physical location of systems and connectivity.
    Officer: what kind of systems and what connectivity you talking about?
    Me: Those are servers based on different technology like solaris, linux and oracle. Those are connected on IP based connectivity.
    Officer: will you be visiting a client:
    me: no, that is just another business unit of the company.
    Officer: Okay, Are you single?
    Me: Yeah, I am single.
    Officer: whom do you stay with?
    Me: I stay here with Parents.

    Now My observation for the rejection is that:-

    • Since I was tired because of standing for more than 3 hours and I was a bit low on confidence since I was facing such interview first time.
    • The Officer was speaking a bit too fast, so I had asked officer to repeat the question twice or thrice.
    • I doubt, the last question he asked was if he asked about staying here, or the plan to stay in USA, that I didn’t get clear.

    Now, My comapny has decided to send somebody else replacing me, and they said they will re-apply for me after 3 months. And they also told that if i'm rejected second time, i will be blacklisted and there are no chances to get me US visa for next 2 years. Now i need to decide if i go for a re-apply immediately or not. Please suggest. I need to inform them about my decision by monday.

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    There is no such blacklisting rule.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      There is no such thing as back listing but the problem I see here is your short tenure with the company. You joined August 6th and you are going for knowledge exchange in September? The officers would like to see at least 6 months to one year of experience in the current organization and I am not even sure if your company is listed under BEP.

      Anyways next time make sure you do your homework. Try to prove that you are really an expert in that particular field and that's why your company wants to send you.

      Best of luck if you haven't tried yet!


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        Nothing like black listing


        I myself got rejected thrice and went through 4th time..... So..relax nothing is going to happen...if you are rejected once...and moreover thats not the end of the story...

        By the script of conversation you provided what i understand is
        Visa Officer is not convinced with the "KT plan".

        Point 1 Did you carry some document having the KT plan with dates, who is going to give the KT, location, Hours of each session.???
        Usually such a document creates confidence in what you are saying..

        Point 2 Once the questions comes to deatails of personal information like...Are you married? Whom do you stay with? etc.,.. this tells that he is actually testing you for your commitments back here in India.
        Once you say that you are not married (nothing much to do here) and parents are not dependent on you...it will be difficult for the Visa Officer to judge your request....

        Point 3 I dont think you need to have completed so many months in a company before you are going on a business visit ....(provided you have good prior experience in other companies)
        There are many instances where people are picked up for a specific purpose and those will be travelling immediately after joining company....

        so, have all the required supporting docs when you attend next time...

        All the above information is from experiences and thoughts...it may vary on case to case basis...

        Cheer up....