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  • B1 visa help


    I am permanent resident in Canada and offered an employment.
    The job requires me to apply for Business visitors visa as soon as possible.

    Currently, my husband is working in United States on H1 and I am staying with him on H4 Visa.

    -Will my H4 get cancel if I am issued B1/B2 visa?

    -What should I apply for... a B1 visa or B1/B2 visa? There is no specific information given online whether to apply for B1 & B2 both as B1/B2 (preferable in case my H4 gets cancelled. I can visit my husband on B2 if not traveling for business)..or B1-B2 fall under different categories and I can only apply for B1?

    - I am looking at the appointments in Montreal and Ottawa. Seems like an endless wait? What is the best way to get an appointment?

    - How favorable my conditions are with the offer letter in hand, to get B1/B2 visa and how much time generally it takes to process and get it?

    - Is it possible for me to travel US on H4 (till I don’t get an appointment) for the purpose of business meetings and participating in training program?

    Please reply.

    Thanks in advance
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    You may NOT use your H4 to conduct business in the US.

    Your H4 may or may not be cancelled; it is at the option of the VO.

    The B1 is a combined B1/B2. If you receive it, you may use either for business visit or tourism as appropriate.

    You will just have to keep checking for a suitable appointment time.

    Have all required documentation to minimize the problems at the interview.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      It seems impossible to get appointment for B1/B2 Visa.
      I am trying in Montreal and Ottawa constantly...but not been able to find one.
      I see the following message everytime -- "There are no appointments currently available. Montreal allows visa appointment bookings only up to 6 weeks in advance. All appointments have been booked for the next 6 weeks."

      Any suggestions..

      Pls help!