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  • B1 Rejection


    I have been rejected for an US B1 Visa and iam not really sure about the reason for the rejection.

    Officer :- What is the purpose of this trip

    Mine :- To understand the project requirements and to get KT from onsite team.

    Officer :- Wat is the project and wat u want to understand

    Mine :- Its XYZ Project and iam the UI developer for this project.

    Officer :- Wat is UI

    Mine :- Creating User interface designing for applications.

    Officer :- wat is u r eductaional qualification and i need see your certificates

    Mine :- I explained him about my educational and i showed him all my certificates.

    ( Here is my doubt, I did my b.com through correspondence education, and after finishing my 10th std, after that i did my B.com thorugh open university.)

    Is there any chance of rejecting for educational criteria.

    And after some time he was asking about my family details and i explained him

    Atlast he said, I can't give you visa for this time, and he gave me one paper.

    Can i know the exact reason for this rejection and i want to know can i apply for the same again.

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    Correspondence courses for a batchelors degree is considered poor preparation in US. Designing the UI for a application does not require advanced training as it is taught in US vocational schools.


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      Dear Sir,

      Which means i will not B1 through my life time, in my life i will not visit US, is there any solution for this.

      Please advise me on this




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        Originally posted by satishkumar12345
        Which means i will not B1 through my life time, in my life i will not visit US, is there any solution for this.
        Is NOT the end of the world...
        Disclaimer: The information you obtain from me at this forum is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.


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          Get more education in a technical field from a "real" university - one where you attend classes on campus. Be sure it is a high quality, recognized name not a vocational school.


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            Dear Sir,

            Thanks for the advice, Yes iam doing MBA from ICFAI University, and also iam doing some technical Diplomas in the mean while, But it will show some time gap between UG and PG. Will that be acceptable by the consulates.

            But in my company iam the only guy to get rejection and for most of us interivew is just for 5 mins sir, for me it tooks more than 45 mins to finish the interview and finally my dream of going onsite got faded.


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              Having a gap between US and PG degree is perfectly acceptable.

              I suspect that your US degree being by correspondence was the biggest concern. Continue with your education and reapply.


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                Thank You