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Problem in the Filled DS156 form for B1 visa

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  • Problem in the Filled DS156 form for B1 visa

    On filling the DS156 form for B1 visa (Business visa Sponored by Company)the details related to purpose of visit and contact person address was wrongly filled in and the forms cannot be modified within two days from the interview data. My interview is scheduled on 12 Nov 08 at Chennai Consulate, is there any way that I can modify it before going for the interview from the VFS counter or from the consulate. Do they ask in the Consulate for any correction or modification in the DS forms before they call for the interview. Can anyone pls suggest.....

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    Since you know ...

    ... that the information is incorrect, YOU should personally inform the VO and tell them that you need to correct the said information.

    You cannot wait for them to ask you any such thing.

    Good luck.