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  • B1/B2 10 year


    I have received M entry B1/B2 visa for 10 years.
    I already stayed for 6 months, and applied for the extension of another 6 months.

    I am about to leave the country as it is almost 240 days after the last day on my I-94.

    My question is, could I stay in Europe for a few months and come back to the States to attend conferences / trade fairs?
    If so, could I stay longer than 3 months or probably not? Will it be on a tourist visa or again on B1/B2 as this is valid for 10 years?

    Thank you for the advise! Appreciated, as the 10 years and what is allowed is not very clear for me.

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    You can seek entry on B1 status (which is appropriate for conferences) on your visa. Whether you will be admitted and how long you will be admitted for are at the discretion of the officer.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.