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Can I apply for a B1 while I hold an active L1-B?

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  • Can I apply for a B1 while I hold an active L1-B?

    I think it is unnecessary since B1 appears to be a subset of activities permitted under L1-B.
    However, since L1B is linked to employer, I would like to go for a B1. Is this allowed?

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    Well, the answer is yes & no.

    Because the requirement for both the visas contradict with each other.

    The first & basic requirement for B1 is to prove that you'll return back to your home country. While L1B gives you a dual-intent & a long term stay.

    So if you hold a valid L1B visa & then apply for B1, VO will ask if you still need the L1B visa, if you answer NO, L1B will be cancelled if you answer YES B1 will be rejected.

    Try to handle it diplomatically (question can be indirect) that you are still working for the same company, but this visit is not to "work" & just to meet client etc.

    The other way is quite easy (i.e. getting B1 first & then L1) ..

    On the other note, why do you need B1, when you already have L1B visa?
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    - Not a legal advice, just MY opinion