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221(g) again

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  • 221(g) again

    Hi all,

    I applied for H1 through a consultant. H1 petition was picked in lottery and approved.

    I went for a B1 visa interview to chennai consulate.
    They had told me that my visa is granted but will need some adminstrative processing and so gave me the PINK slip. I had to send my passport and resume to them, and got the B1 visa within 5 weeks or so. But i got only for 1 year. I went to U.S on B1, stayed there for 3 months and returned.

    I went for B1 Visa again as my Visa is expired. Rememeber my H1 petetion is in same state, approved but never went for stamping. Again same thing happened for my B1 visa and i got 221(g) PINK slip again. I got my passport after 5 weeks with 1 year B1 visa.I went to U.S on B1, stayed there for 2 months and returned.

    Now i went for B1 Visa again. But this time i made sure that i go for stamping only after my H1 is expired. H1 is only valid for 3 years, so went after that. I had this assumption in mind that, as i have H1, may be they are issuing B1 only for 1 year. But still the same thing happened. THey had given me 221(g) PINK slip again.

    Now another reputed company in U.S, want to process H1B visa for me.

    I studied in a very good institution. Even my present/previuos companies are very well known companies in the world.

    1) Any body has any idea or a wild guess on that, why i got 221(g) all the three times ? that too for B1. In fact this time i asked the indian lady over teh counter and she told me i got the 221(g) for the same reason again and laughed

    2) Any body think that my Old H1 is the issue in anyway ?

    3) Does all this (221(g) for B1 three times and Old H1B not used etc) will effect my new H1b that i m going to file soon ?

    Plz help...i am confused and worried...


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    The old H1b has got nothing to do with the 221g for B1s. I think it is your common name with Kumar that is causing the issue.

    I am not a lawyer and you need to consult with one to validate any info posted on the forum and discuss your case specifics. H1b Question? Read the FAQ first.


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      Thank You very much for the prompt response...

      If Name or some thing of that sort (some commonality) is the issue, should i expect the same for my H1 as well ?


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        got visa again for 1 year

        Thanks everyone for the help.

        I got my passport back with B1 VISA stamped. But the sad part is that, i got it again only for one year. This is third time in a row.

        I understand that 221(g) can happen for multiple reasons, one of them being matching the name with their "suspicious" database. However i dont understand granting the visa only for one year. Most of my friends who got B1 for one year first time with 221(g), got for 10 years when they went for 2nd time.

        They granted me visa only for one year all three times.

        Can some body take a guess..or answer this if anybody has gone through similar stuff ?


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          can anyone advice that i am in uk and i have uk work permit and i have applied usa b1 business visa and she gave me white paper for 221g and says that adminstrative processing and she returned the passport?
          what does it mean and how long it take.

          my nationality is pakistani and i have been to usa in 2006 for company training and this time i am going for training from uk and i have joined this company 3months before?

          can some one tell me what to do i am new forum user?