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  • 221 (g) Issued


    Today I attended for B1 VISA interview @ Belfast, Northern Ireland. The interview went good, But the Interviewer issued me a 221(g) asking me to submit my latest CV. She kept my Passport & Documentation with her only.

    I have 3 Questions in this case:
    1) Is it Ok if i mail my resume to the Email id provided on the back of 221(g)
    2) How Quickly i should mail my CV.
    3) What are the chances for me of getting the VISA.

    Please somebody respond Quickly...

    Thanks in Advance
    Srinivas Siddireddi.

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    The number of foreign higher education students going to Ireland has jumped by 45% since 2013! The total number of non-EEA students studying full-time has reached 18,500.

    Why Is Ireland Becoming So Popular For Studies Abroad?

    Besides being part of the European Union, there are no language barriers, and it has a generous post-study work policy. After a bachelor’s/master’s degree, known as Level 8 in Ireland, a student from India can use the Third Level Graduate Scheme to stay for up to 24 months to look for a job.

    How To Apply For An Ireland Student Visa?

    One of the first Ireland visa requirements is enrolment in a full-time course. The degree must also be part of the Interim List of Eligible Programmes (ILEP). The second requirement is a confirmation that you have paid your fees in full to the required college.

    When these two basic criteria are met, you can apply for the Irish study visa online on the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service website. For information on Ireland visa, read

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