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Dallas Service Center - N-400

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  • Dallas Service Center - N-400

    I Sent my N-400 Application on 03/01/2006.
    Got FingerPrint Notice in 3.5 weeks and Finger Printed on 04/15/2006.
    I guess I just have to wait for Interview Scheduled..
    Does anyone in the same boat..?
    Would you please your timeline for Dallas Service center?.

    Status message says it will take 799 days blah blah blah.. but I know one of my friend had his whole process done in 6 months. Again this is at Dallas Service center.

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    Dallas Service Center - N-400

    Please see my earlier posting 'Citizenship in 2 months something'.

    When you say 'Dallas Service Center', I presume it is Mesquite, TX and that you live in some other city. For me the total time for the USCIS to receive the application and me take the oath for Citizenship in Atlanta took 83 days (my jurisdiction is Mesquite/Dallas Service Center).

    I have three specific examples on how things are moving these days. A friend on mine who lives in Dallas, TX applied 4 weeks after I did and he also got finger printing notice one month after I did.
    We met an aquaintance at fingerprinting location in ATL and I met the same guy in the interview as well.
    Another family from Atlanta who submitted N400s two weeks after we did had their fingerprinting done two weeks behind us and are having their interview also two weeks after our date.

    Looks like it is going like clockwork, and pretty quickly. Good luck with your process.


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      Thanks for the reply.
      I live in Dallas and sent my app to Mesquite, TX. As Iam already completed my FP, Iam just waitng to here Interview info from District Office. Websie says 770 days blah blah blah.. but It shouldn't be that bad. Please post your experiences if you are in the same boat..
      Thx a lot..


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        Citizenship Interview July 17, 2006

        Please see tracker for timeline.
        Iam just wondering the Interview letter from CIS says " Request for applicant to appear for Naturalization Initial Interview". Is this Normal?. Or Should I expect more interviews?
        Iam being naturalized from employment based greencard.