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N-400 questions-

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  • N-400 questions-

    I am filling up my N-400 form and have the followign questions:

    1. Part 10/A- Title of nobility in any foreign country.. what does this mean?.

    2. Regarding AR-11 (address change), due to her job training, my wife had to reside at a different address for almost 4 years (residency training). During this time, my address was still considered the main contact address for both of us. I am not sure if she had to send the AR-11 for her stay in a different location, even though we were going back and forth between two addresses. Will this matter and can AR-11 form be sent for a previous address?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

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    For 1) I think they are refering to whether you are from UK and have a SIR added to your name by the Queen there...or lets say you are from Sweden and have a PRINCE before your name signifying a royal bloodline.