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Rescheduling Oath Ceremony

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  • Rescheduling Oath Ceremony

    I have pre booked international travel both in october and november - something that I cannot easily move around. As soon as I cleared my interview, I got scheduled for october oath Cermony. I wrote a mail requesting to reschedule based on my booked travel and sent it out to Lee's summit, MO (that is where I got the scheduling letter from). No response. I continued with my travel. Right after the october oath ceremony, my status is indicated as missed ceremony and got scheduled for November.. (again conflicts with my travel). This time I sent another mail to the field office requesting to reschedule. I am still waiting for an officer to review my request - i do have confirmation that the first mail was received but no response yet. I have calledthe 800 number but nothing much can be done other than wait for immigration officer to review the mails.

    What are my options ?

    If I don't hear back, should I take my chances and travel again in november missing the oath ceremony ? I can take the oath in Jan if it gets rescheduled - No further travel booked.

    If I do hear back postively before or after my travel, that will be great.

    If do hear back negatively before my travel, I have to cancel my travel and deal with losses.

    If I hear back negatively after my travel, will I have to do this all over again - that is all money and time down the drain.

    looking for any insights.

    Cheers and Thanks in advance.