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Do US citizen have to be in US?

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  • Do US citizen have to be in US?

    I am a US citizen (now aboard), and my wife currently have her green card and locate in US.
    My wife plan to apply her citizenship once three years mark reached. But we do have a concern that
    her chance of getting citizenship since I am not in the US (most of the time because of the pandemic and quarantine measures of each country) for her whole three years of stay.
    Some background: Our plan initially was my wife go US first, and then I had to settle some family matters aboard and then I would go to US for re-gathering. But then pandemic hit and everything changed.
    1st: Does the immigration officer looked at my length of stay in US if my wife is the person applying for citizenship?
    2nd: i noticed that it DOESN'T require to notate my (US citizen) stay in US on the N400 application. Will the officer ask on the naturalization progress?

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    If you're both US citizens, you can live overseas with no problems. In fact, there are plenty of ex-pats who have been living overseas for years without returning to the US. Your only obligation is to continue filing income tax.


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      No, the officer will not require for you to stay in the US. However, he/she will require a lot of proof that you are a real couple. It’s easier to wait 5 years and then apply.