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USCIS computer issues at appointment

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  • USCIS computer issues at appointment

    After an 18-month wait, my wife is finally inside the USCIS office for her N400 interview right now. She has been inside for 3+ hours. Apparently they're having problems accessing one of their 2 systems. They're processing some applicants, but not others. My wife, of course, is among others. Her application is as simple as they get.

    Anyone had that happen? What to do? Sounds like they gave up on the computers and are discussing possibly doing the interview "on paper."

    Just when we thought the frustration was almost over.

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    UPDATE: The officer ended up doing the interview on paper. Civics test passed. My wife was instructed to leave and wait for oath ceremony notice.

    When we got home (3-hour drive), I logged on the the USCIS site and its total chaos in there. There are 7 new "Notices" with "Date Sent" today, Sep 22, 2022. One Interview de-scheduled (for today's interview which already happened), five(!!!) "Interview canceled" for dates ranging from today to a couple of weeks out and one "Interview re-scheduled" for November 1, 2022 at 2:05PM. From what I understand they typically do oath ceremonies in the afternoons, could it be for that?

    This is totally confusing.
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      What a mess! Sorry she had to go thru that. Which field office did she do her interview at? N-400 interviews/oath ceremony varies by each individual field office (I read that one location even has Saturday oath ceremony).
      Removal of Conditions Updates:

      9-10-2021 Mailed I-751 package to Phx. Lockbox
      9-15-2021 Case received by USCIS- WAC (California Service Center)
      9-17-2021 24 months extension received
      1-12-2022 Fingerprints waived
      6-10-2022 Card/Document Production (no interview)
      6-27-2022 New 10 year card received

      Citizenship Updates:

      9-13-2022 Filed for N-400 online
      9-13-2022 Case received/biometrics waived
      9-13-2022 Case is being Actively Reviewed by USCIS


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        San Antonio


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          UPDATE: Case status now shows:

          Oath Ceremony Will Be Scheduled
          We recommended that your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, be approved. Your case was submitted for quality review.

          5 of 6 interviews that the system erroneously scheduled on Sep 22 were canceled, but not the last one. It is still showing as scheduled for Nov 01, even though the interview was completed on Sep 22. I assume we'll have to call USCIS to get that fixed to avoid an unnecessary 3+3hr trip. Unless that is in fact the ceremony date. This is still really confusing.
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