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N-400 Travel Restrictions

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  • N-400 Travel Restrictions

    Hey everyone!
    I recently filed my N-400 form for naturalization and I'm waiting for my biometrics appointment. I have to travel for work in the upcoming weeks and I'm wondering how a two-month trip abroad will affect my naturalization eligibility. I'm aware of the 180-day rule, but I'm confused about how it's counted. Will my two months abroad impact my continuous residency and physical presence requirements? Is there a specific limit to the number of days I can spend abroad after my biometrics appointment? Any insight or advice would be appreciated.

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    Generally, an absence of less than 6 months will not interrupt continuous residence. And you would have needed to have already met the physical presence requirement at the time of filing.

    This is my personal opinion and is not to be construed as legal advice.