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Naturalization Interview done, but no answer.

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  • Naturalization Interview done, but no answer.

    hello Everyone.
    I don't know if anyone has had the same experience as me, but I had my N400 interview yesterday (April 15th) in Long Island, NY, and my green card was through marriage. I have a conditional green card and the removal of conditions is in progress (form I-751). My husband was present at the interview and the officer asked him to accompany me. He started by asking both of us questions about our relationship and said if I had additional documents to prove our marriage. I handed over our tax transcripts together, car insurance documents in both names, and tickets and hotel reservations from our trip to Las Vegas in January as well as some photos. The officer said that only this was necessary and he saw no need for other documents.
    After that, he asked my husband to sit in another chair and started questions about citizenship. I got all 6 questions right, as well as reading and writing. I answered a few questions on the form and at the end he asked if I would like to change my name. I said yes, he confirmed my new name, and asked me to sign 3 forms on the tablet screen. Finally, I signed a screen about Oath of Allegiance, which was the final screen.
    At the end of the interview he asked if I had any questions, I just asked if I could keep my green card for another month, as I have a trip scheduled to Greece in two weeks. The Officer replied that he did not see any problems as I would only hand over my green card at the Oath Ceremony and he did not have a set date as it would be scheduled later. I just thanked him and he ended the interview.
    After the interview on the same day, I did not receive any updates to the system. However, today I received an email from USCIS with this message that I attached here in the image about the form I-751. I was worried because now I don't know if something went wrong and could affect my citizenship process, or even delay in scheduling the ceremony. Does anyone know anything, or has experienced a similar situation?
    Thank you for your attention....‚Äč