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C1 Visa holder sent back from Chicago

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  • C1 Visa holder sent back from Chicago

    Dear friends,

    I really need a input regarding my very bad situation. One of my relative asked to write a letter for him so that he can show that to immigration at port of entry. Since he is relative and I can't deny outright, I wrote a letter saying that if my relative visit USA, I will accommodate him and show places around my place.

    Unfortunately in port of entry he was sent back. When I enquired he said that I need to have a green card to accommodate him. I really confused since I was under impression that he had some other valid working visa and asking my letter just for to show that he has relatives in USA. it looks like he has projected me as a sponsor.

    I am very depressed knowing this fact since I have applied for H1B extension. Can some one please suggest, if my VISA will be denied for this reason? I am very frank and honest that I really don't know his intention and I wrote a letter very safe that " if XXX is visiting USA, I will accommodate and show places around".

    Please some one advise what I should be doing. Thank you!