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Cabin Crew visa with dropped charges of domestic violence

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  • Cabin Crew visa with dropped charges of domestic violence

    Hi All,

    I am newbie to this forum.

    I was in u.s. for a year on h4b visa by marriage with my spouse. During our brief time together our argument snowballed into something big and my spouse called 911. Following up on the incident police arrested me and charged me with domestic violence. During the process, DA dropped the charges and the case didn't pursued. On my record I wasn't convicted and charges were dropped but they arrest me briefly on the day of incident.

    Now I am back to airline business which I was in. I would like to know if I apply for C1/D cabin crew visa for airline, can I get rejected for visa on the arrest record, even the charges were dropped?

    Looking forward for the help.

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    An arrest alone is not grounds for denial of a visa

    That said, consular offices have very wide discretion in granting non-immigrant visas