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C1 and i130

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  • C1 and i130

    So I'm in the military stationed in the US I'm in the process to fix my wife's paperwork but I recently got orders to be stationed in Korea she's in Mexico my question is if she gets a C1 visa to transit planes in the US to Korea will this effect her i130 paperwork

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    no it will not


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      I get merried and apply for a green card my interview was a few days a go they a probe my marriage but they told me they have to review my visa n see what the law said about it, I already get my permission to work n a social security number just for 1 year both, I'm worry because I don't know if i a have to get a lawyer if I have any opportunity to get a green card or I really did something wrong. Please can you help me to know more about this situation ?


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        Marcel, you will get the best help if you start your own thread, and you describe the visa status you were lawfully admitted on, and the status of your spouse