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C1/D 29 days limitation

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  • C1/D 29 days limitation

    Dear friends,

    Firstly I would like apologize if there is similar topic already created but I did not find correct question which I am looking for.

    I already know the basic rule of the C1/D visa limitation that you have to depart in 29 days from the date of your arrival from same "port" with same company. I am working as commercial pilot in the US for local company on behalf of this visa type. I am supposed to remain in the US for approximately 4 months. But there is this potential problem for me. On date of arrival into US I fulfilled the CBP form I-95 where I got stamp with date of arrival. But I have International flights almost once per week and I always received a new date on second page of this I-95 form. So please I need help, then these 29 days limitation are counting from this new date of my arrival, or, from the first date of my arrival to US?

    Please check the copy of the I-95 form:

    I already have C1/D and B1/B2 visa.

    Thank you very much for your help,
    sincerely Thomas.

    Have a nice day all.
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