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How many times to have C1 visa?

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  • How many times to have C1 visa?


    I am a French guy who is stuck in Sri Lanka because I did not know I needed transit Visa to go in South America.

    I already miss my first flight and I am waiting in one guesthouse to have my C1 visa granted.

    The first one was made the 6 February and I made an another one (because no reply and I was hurry) the 8 February.

    The problem is also my bank card was stolen in hostel one week ago. So I just have some cash.

    Anyway, I need every information I can get about the reason why is so long. I mean I traveled in so many country and even a one year visa in Australia or New Zealand was quicker.

    Please can you tell me you many times I have to wait? What is your experience?

    Thank you

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    around 2 weeks


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      If all goes well, then somewhere around two weeks.


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        2-3 weeks or so...
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          An immigration officer at the port of entry can admit a person holding a C-1 transit visa for the duration determined by him/her, but for a maximum duration of 29 days. You must leave the U.S. on the proposed flight or ship of departure, or within 29 days, whichever is earlier.

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            The US government issues C1 visas for USA for immediate and continuous transit through the country. Immediate and continuous transit means that your itinerary to your final destination includes a layover in the US and you will have to stop there, but have no other privileges liteblue usps
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              I think about 2 or 3 weeks. best merchant services


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                Confirmation page of form DS-160.
                Valid passport.
                One passport size photo for each visa applicant, including infants (see the “Photo Requirements” webpage)
                A copy of your itinerary/reservations showing your need to transit the United States.


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                  Non-immigrant crewmembers are barred from adjusting status. (INA 245(c)). So the C-1/D visa holder may not adjust status.

                  A C-1 (transit) visa holder technically may adjust status, but given the parameters of a C-1 visa, usually will not be permitted to do so. It smacks of bad faith to enter the US solely to transit to another nation and somehow not leave, giving rise to understandable doubts about the individuals bona fides on entering the US. It is not, however, wholly impossible as I read the law