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Getting C1/D after overstay - HELP!!!

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  • Getting C1/D after overstay - HELP!!!

    I have quite a complex case, and would like some enlightenment regarding getting a C1/D visa:

    I am a Brazilian national, holder of dual citizenship (Brazilian and Italian). I have first applied for a B1/B2 visa in 1996, when I was 15 yo, for a trip to the Disney World in FL. I stayed for 15 days and left within my permitted stay, however, since I was underage and under the care of a travel agency, all I94's were kept by them, and allegedly returned once we left.
    Fast forward to 2003, I made the (bad) decision to go back to the US to live illegally. I gained access using that same visa issued in 1996, but was called aside for questioning.I remember being asked when I had left the US in 1996 several times, which made me think whether my I94 was ever returned by the tour guides. A couple of hours later I was allowed entry in the US, to stay for 6 months. 5 months after my arrival in the US, I travelled to Brazil for a family emergency and surrendered my I94 upon exit. I then returned, 1 week after, now using my Italian passport (I was afraid to use the Brazilian and have my entry denied). Was granted 90 days to stay, but I have overstayed for approximately 1.5 year. I cannot recall if I surrendered my I94 upon departure, but I believe I have. I left the US in 2005.

    I currently live in the UK (since May 2019) and have recently been successful on the interview for the position of Cabin Crew with British Airways, which will eventually ask me to apply for the US C1/D Visa.

    My questions are:
    1- Should I be honest regarding me overstaying my visa? Will they know I have overstayed (since there's no immigration control on exit)
    2- My 10 year ban has expired already, what are my chances of getting the visa?
    3- any other advice regarding this issue

    I hope someone helps me, as I would be devastated to be punished by losing the job I've always wanted because of a stupid mistake I've done when I was young and immature.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes, you need tell only the true.
    They can denied any visa if you overstsyed. They cannot denied only Immigrant visa!


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      Legally speaking, an overstay on the Visa Waiver Program does not directly affect the validity of a visa that you have. However, any time you try to enter the US on most types of nonimmigrant visas, you have to satisfy the officer that you do not have immigrant intent, and past immigration violations are certainly a negative factor in the officer's determination DGCustomerFirst
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