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Unable to login to CGI federal with correct details

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  • Unable to login to CGI federal with correct details

    I have logged into to cgifederal to book an appointment for the interview yesterday(friday). Today(saturday) I'm not able to log in. The error message is"Your login attempt has failed. Make sure the username and password are correct.". My username and password are correct. I have tried the forgot password option also. I got a temporary password to my given email. Even the password they gave prompts the same error message. I suspect that my account has been locked. But I don't know for sure because the error message doesn't say so.

    can someone please clarify how I can I be sure if my account has been in fact locked? Will it show a different error message from the one I've mentioned above? And how many days will it take for it be unlocked? Should I create a new account? I have entered all my details(passport, ds160 confirmation number etc). The website clearly says do not create a new account.

    Thank you,

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    HI Ram,

    Did you get it resolved ? able to login now ?

    I have same issue, not sure they locked out and how long wait