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    I recently completed a fellowship on J1 and the two year home return applies to me. I applied for O1 and was approved last week of September. I traveled to India on 30th ( last day of J1 was 31st). My interview was in Delhi and the consular officer asked few generic questions and then asked if I have a J1 waiver approved for which I said no. She then said my visa is refused for today and they will process the visa as soon as I submit the waiver approval. She asked me if she can keep the passport with her to do more inquiry from her side. My employer has applied the conrad waiver for 2020 but that will take 4-6 months. I am stranded in India, confused and angry. I always thought (even my attorney) that O1 is the only visa that I can apply as a J1 even with two year home return. Am I wrong? anybody has any more information or suggestion.