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J1 visa refusal 221(g)

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  • J1 visa refusal 221(g)

    Hi everyone,
    Recently, the consular officer refused my visa under 221(g) and told me to submit some more documents, e.g., Resume, Education, Research, Travel plans, etc. Can someone please suggest me whether I have to submit all these details in a single Microsoft word file or I can submit all these details in separate files? Kindly help me to sort out this issue. Any past experiences and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    With best regards

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    Hi Prashant, Dont worry much about this. I would suggest having all of them combined as PDF and attach it as one file preferably. Else you might have to zip them if they are separate files. Remember PDF is better option than sending word document.

    May I know which embassy did you apply to? when? and are you applying J1 for a postdoc position?