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Obtaining NORI while in India

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  • Obtaining NORI while in India

    Hi everyone,

    This forum has been an absolute help for me over the years, to search for any answers or even to calm my nerves down before walking to those visa interviews where we dont know whats gonna happen. I wanted to present my situation and ask for your advice and suggestion -

    I went to US to an university for an internship on J-1 during my 3rd year of college. The J-1 had 2 years residency clause on it. I went on a F-1 visa next year to do a PhD to the same place (really liked my work place). During this, few years later, I found the love of my life whom I will marry (more on it a bit later). I finished my PhD, did a year OPT working as a research associate and then moved to Germany for a year. After this, I was invited back as postdoc on J-1 visa (another 212e). During this, I got married to my girlfriend of 9 years. Few months after marrying her, I left back for India and she will join me in a month or so here in India (she is getting spousal visa from Indian Embassy which are a little bit trickier currently due to covid). Now here are my questions -
    #1 Is it true that I would not have gotten my second J-1 if the 212E hadn't been fulfilled already? My advisory said something like but I somehow find it hard to believe.
    #2 Before getting my second J-1, I applied and got 10 year B1/B2 travel visa. My advisory told me that after getting married to US citizen, that visa will still remain valid. Do you guys agree? I just need the option to visit in-laws during holidays and emergencies if needed.
    #3 I have all the interest to find a job in India and continue my life here but I am also thinking of all my options. My questions are mixed but in a way two parts
    #3a I think I only want to apply for NORI for the second J-1 visa and if there is any time left from the first one, I can simply wait for that to finish while I am working through the process (is that correct?). Also, I cannot find some good details on how to obtain the NORI clearances from within India - so any help on that will be appreciated.
    #3b If I want to apply for spousal green card while in India, how shall I mix it with obtaining NORI clearances? Shall I wait for one to complete and then try the other?
    I am asking for the hypothetical to have clear answers while choosing the best course for me and my wife. Thank you for your time and attention.