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    My fiancee had her interview with the counselor yesterday in Bogotá, Colombia for her K-1 Visa.

    The officer said she, "intends to approve the visa", and took her visa, but did not tell her definitively that she had been approved.

    Fiancee checked status today and it said it's under Administrative Processing.

    Does anyone have experience with this? Was she denied or approved?

    Thank you.


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    Did they take her passport? If not she probably isn’t approved because they have to put the visa in her passport.


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      I'm assuming you meant they kept her passport instead of "took her visa".
      Usually when they hold someone's passport, it's a good sign that they intend to approve you. The reason they probably wanted extra time is to do some background checks before approving and issuing a visa.
      The "Administrative Processing" is a common placeholder they put in the CEAC status window to say that they're currently working on the case. It doesn't necessarily mean a negative thing.
      Will she be denied or approved? most likely approved from what you've said so far, but we'll have to wait and see until they respond back.
      --Good luck--
      Good luck. I learned the hard way, I hope you don't have to. Immigration is interesting. Not considered as legal advice.