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  • L1 to H1 COS

    L1 to H1 COS filed – 06/04/12
    Receipt date-06/08/12
    Upgraded to PP – 09/20/12
    RFE- 10/01/12
    The RFE is about the payslips for the period from Apr-Jun-06. We have submitted the payslips alreay for the period end date of Mar-31. The actual issue is, I went on vacation in the month of March and was back in the month of April. My payslip was not generated for the month of April, but the salary was credited along with the month of May. But the May month salary period says only May-01 to May-31.
    I am worried now that if USCIS will think that i was in out of status for the month of April? How can we handle this situation. Has any one faced like this before. Kindly help me.