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H1B Visa stamping in Hyderabad consulate

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  • H1B Visa stamping in Hyderabad consulate

    Hi all,

    I am appearing for Visa stamping at Hyderabad consulate on 12th Oct at 9:00 and OFC scheduled at 3:30 on 10th Oct. Could you please provide me the information related to OFC and actual Visa interview. I believe in OFC, they will collect the required documents (like Passport, DS-160, I-129, I-797 and HDFC fee receipt) and collect the finger prints as well. And will return all the documents once the check up is done properly. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Will they return all my documents once it's done with OFC for actual Visa stamping?
    Are they going to provide us the status of Visa on the same day of Visa stamping (on 12th)?

    What all the required documents to carry for Visa stamping?

    Please provide me the above information and do me a favor. I really appreciate for your responses and thanks in advance.


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    Please read step by step instructions at https://www.immihelp.com/how-to-appl...sa-from-india/. Everything is provided there.

    If you still have any further questions, please post them here.
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      Thanks for providing the required information quickly.
      Could anybody attended H1B Visa interview in Hyderbad cosulate recently (in Oct month)? If yes, could you please share your experinces? in Hyderbad consulate, I could see most of the H1B Visas (new visas not extns) getting rejected or seeking additional information (adminstrative processing. issuing 221(g)) from the client. Is this the case at the moment?