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H4 stamping (urgent)

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  • H4 stamping (urgent)

    I am planning to go for h4 stamping to karachi consulate. I came here on F2 visa. My husband has H1 status extension till Sep 2014 so as my status. He came to US on F1 visa and got H1 but never applied for H1 visa stamping.

    Now we have a baby and I want to meet my family and have them meet our daughter too. (Only me & my daughter are planning to go)

    We are really confused and nervous that we haven't booked the tickets because we doubt for h4 stamping rejection. I need some guideline a d feedback on my case. Also my question is does it matter or not that h1holder(my spouse) needs to have h1 visa stamping or just his h1 status extension (sep 2014) will be sufficient.

    Thank you ver much!