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Wrong rate of pay on LCA-URGENT!

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  • Wrong rate of pay on LCA-URGENT!

    I am currently working for an employer in the US. My H1B was applied in April 2012 and was approved. I recently found out the rate of pay on my LCA was wrongly quoted at $63328. My pay was quoted at $60000 per year on my offer letter, my I-129 and that is what I have been getting paid.My prevailing wage on LCA is $58422. My lawyer says that it was a typing error.
    Will this be an issue during my H1B stamping? I am planning to go for stamping in 1 month
    Should I get a LCA amendment in this case? In that case, will I need a H1B amendment too?
    Or will a letter from my employer/immigration attorney explaining the mistake be enough?

    This is really urgent because I have my tickets booked for Dec 2012. Please reply!


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    Yes, that is a problem. They must pay you what is mentioned in LCA.

    How can $60,000 become $63,328 by typing error?
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