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h1b amendment after 3 months of material change

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  • h1b amendment after 3 months of material change

    My H1b LCA states that i'll be working from my company's location (the company who filed my h1b), and supporting client engagements from there location. I came to USA 3 months back and started working at my company location. Within 1 week of my work in USA, my manger told me that we have another requirement with one of our client in a different state. This client was not ready to give us a project initially, they ask the resources to come to there location and after assessment of 2 months, they will give us the project and start billing the resource. Thus my company ask me to go to this client location and as I'm not billable and have an assessment of 2 months, my company told me that they will file my h1b amendment after 2 months and as soon as they start billing me.

    My company official are suppose to meet the client 1 month back (as my 2 months assessment has completed), and finalize on the deal. But because of reasons like client manager's schedule, his business travel, sandy storm etc my company officials could not able to meet the client till now.

    Will this create any problem while filing my H1b amendment, As we need to submits documents like timesheet, paystubs etc I have an other concern.
    All my paystubs for the past 3 months (home address mentioned, state tax), bank account every thing is as associated with the client located state.

    Need your advice on this, Thanks.