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  • B1 to H1 Questions

    Hi guys,

    I am an Argentinian national and I have secured an unpaid but quite competitive internship with an advertising agency with a clear prospect of getting hired and being sponsored.

    I would be travelling from Argentina with a B1 visa in late March 2013 and staying in the US for 4 to 5 months.

    How hard would it be to change from B1 to H1? I don't have a bachelors degree but I did a specialization in renowned advertising school in Buenos Aires and I have a strong creative portfolio. I have several offers from agencies in the local market, but I have not worked in an agency yet.

    As far as I understand from my research, the quota for visas for 2013 closed on June 2012. If my prospective employer decides to sponsor me in August of 2013, can he initiate the paperwork at that time for next calendar year or does he have to wait to wait until the quota opens again?

    Can I file any type of extension with USCIS to stay at the agency so I don't leave the country?

    In general terms how successful are conversions from B1 to H1?

    I truly thank you for input!