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20 year passport number sent while filing H-1 (it is approved now)

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  • 20 year passport number sent while filing H-1 (it is approved now)

    This is regarding scheduling visa appointment for H1 visa.

    I have been issued passport for 20 years in 1999 from Nagpur Maharashtra India.
    Then I came for my studies in USA in fall 2002.

    Then in 2004 it was recommended to change 20 year passport to 10 year passport.
    (https://visa-services.com/indianpassports.html) So I have made 10 year passport in New York City, New York USA. And both the passport were clubbed togather.

    My present employer in USA has filed H1 petition for me and I have got the approval notice (form 797) and I am visiting India in November 2005, so I need to stamp my passport. So now I thought to verfiy that while filing my H-1 was there proper mapping of passport number and visa number and in the USCIS record is there a correct number mentioned. To verify this i have seen all the doucments sent by my HR and i have found that they have sent old passport number in the form and they have sent also old passport's last page. My both passports were clubbed togather when i gave it to my HR.

    In the requirements document USCIS have not mentioned anything about passport and in the last page of my old passport it is very clearly written that this has been cancelled and new passport number was written along with issuance date. But i got my approval almost 2 months back and i am not sure whether they have not noticed or it hardly plays any role there.

    So now there is wrong passport number associated with my visa approval (petition).

    Now shall i send my new passport (well it was issued back to me in 2004 april) details to USCIS? Does it play important role in it?

    Can somebody please suggest me what all things i should correct before scheduling appointment.

    Further I have the following questions while filling forms DS-156 and scheduling
    1) To schedule an appointment which passport number I have to use now? In the article published here (https://visa-services.com/indianpassports.html), it is mentioned to use old passport number for visa application. Do I have to use old
    passport number or new passport number? My both the passports are clubbed togather and in the new one it is written that "previously held passport number B0293030 issed at Nagpur on 9-8-1999 valid upto 8-8-2019 which has been cancelled and returned. Valid visas within this passport not cancelled". I am little confused which one to use for visa application now.

    2)If I use new passport number in the application then I will have to use "issue city as New York, State as New York and country as USA". Am i right?

    I would be grateful if someone please answer my queries, so that I will be able to schedule visa appointment as soon as possible.


    Dipesh Khakhkhar