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H1B queries - Please reply

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  • H1B queries - Please reply


    I got my H1B stamped in Mumbai in May'04. The visa is valid till May '07 .I was in USA from May'04 to Sep'04 and had to return because of some family emergency.

    Since Nov '04 i took up a job in an IT company in India .
    The company now wants to sponser my H1B .
    I have the following queries,

    1) Would my case be treated as a transfer of H1 or a new H1 ?
    2) Is there a way to find out whether old employer had cancelled my H1?
    3) How long does it take these days for a new H1b and for a tranfer of H1B.
    Also what are the charges for both of them?
    4) Could i have a problem when i go to consulate for my next H1B visa ?

    Would be highly obliged it somebody could help me on this.