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H1B transfer after multiple 221g

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  • H1B transfer after multiple 221g

    I need some advise regarding H1B transfers after getting multiple 221g. Below is the scenario:

    In Jan 2012 I received a 221g during my H1B stamping through employer "A". I have my I-140 approved through employer "A". Now, one of the staffing firms employer "B" is willing to transfer my H1B for an in-house project. Based on my I-140 approval through employer "A", I would get three years extension when I'll transfer my H1B with employer "B". Lets say if I get another 221g when I go for visa stamping through employer "B" and later if I find a project through employer "C" then:

    1) Would there be any issue while transferring my H1B with employer "C"?
    2) If answer to question 1 is "No" then would I also get three years on my H1B with employer "C" based on employer "A" I-140 approval?
    3) Are pay stubs from employer "A" acceptable while transferring my H1B with employer "C". I'll not have any pay stubs from employer "B" as I never worked for them?
    4) From stamping point of view, will there be any issues for employer "C" H1B stamping because I had received 221g for employer "A" and "B"?

    Your inputs are highly appreciated

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    H1B transfer after multiple 221g

    Hi All,

    Any answers to my questions above are much appreciated