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Change from Consular processing

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  • Change from Consular processing

    Company B applied for my visa transfer in consular processing. I am currently in US and no plans to go to home country for visa stamping. Now they are again applying for employer change and rectifying the error done..

    Will they again apply for a new visa transfer ? How much time should I expect in this issue to be solved? I am currently working with valid paystubs.

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    Your question is not clear.

    Please clarifiy.
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      Rephrasing the question-

      Company A filled for H1-b transfer. When they received my I-797 it was filed under Consular processing. Now again they are recitifying the processing type.

      My question here is-

      Are they again filling for a new H1-b transfer? They have asked my last month sal slips.

      How much time this whole process can take? Looking at the holiday season can it can take more than the normal process time?

      What is petition amendment?