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New passport for replacing wet passport: effect on VISA interview appointment

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  • New passport for replacing wet passport: effect on VISA interview appointment

    Hello all
    Thank you for doing such a great help.
    I have been in USA since last 5 years, i am currently working in OPT after being in F1 visa during my PhD studies here.
    Now i am coming to india on Jan 15th for my wedding to be held on Jan 20. After that i am planning to get my marriage certificate and go for a visa appointment on Jan 28 or so to Chennai consulate for my H1B visa interview together with H4 visa for my wife. So i already filled my DS160 and my wife filled her DS160. We will pay the visa fee and take our appointment on Monday of next week. (today is 21st Dec 2012)
    Now the question is regarding passport damage, last time when i visited india my passport got slightly wet in rain. The laminated portions are intact but some pages in my passport have signs of wetting in terms of smudging of some signs and seals. I think i will get a request to get a new passport which i think might delay my visa stamping. So in parallel i contacted a passport agent in india who happens to be a family friend who can get me a new passport issued in 3-5 days through expedited processing. But i can only initiate this on Jan 17th when i would reach india, and if i do that, i will be able to get my new passport before Jan 28 for sure, before my visa interview appointment date. Now if i take a visa appointment with my current passport details, but appear at consulate with my new passport ( carrying my cancelled old damaged passport also) will it be a problem?
    If i get a new passport do i need to cancel my previous visa appointment and get a new appointment after making a new DS160 with new passport number?
    Thank you.

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    I wouldn't book the appointment unless I had the new passport in hand or go there with old passport and get new passport later.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.


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      I concur with kabkaba. I would suggest you to spend few extra dollars in US itself and get Passport in tatkaal in US itself before leaving it might save you lot of hassle in India.

      This is my opinion not legal advice.