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study on h4 or f1

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  • study on h4 or f1

    I am on h4 visa.
    I have done a 3 year bca degree in india , now I want to study further here in USA.
    I have few questions.
    I appreciate if any members could answers these.

    1) As I have done 3 year bachelor degree, I am not eligible for directly doing masters here.
    I have to complete bachelor degree here again .I have not done my credit evaluation yet, but I am guessing it will be

    somewhere around 80 credits for my bca in india.
    what is best path for me further, so that i can use these credits and also avoid doing bachelor degree all over again here ?

    2) the tuition fees here in USA is very high , easily $18k per year.
    I wanted to know what are my options to pay the fees. will i get bank education loans in usa ? will I get any scholarship

    from universities.

    3) i understand that i may qualify for in-state tuition if i stay in same state for 1 year. but what is advantages of

    switching to f1 ?
    can i start studying on h4 to save on fees and then switch to f1 to be eligible for opt& cpt ? is it very common for ppl to

    do that ?

    4) I understand that on h4 , we cannot work. but can i do voluntary jobs? on web i saw few ppl say you can do volunteer jobs

    and few ppl say you cant. so i am confused.

    5) If I study at home to increase my IT skillset, and clear interviews, am I eligible for h1 ? i just have BCA degree but no

    experience in IT.
    6) Any useful advice for me in my case.