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H4 conversion and travel

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  • H4 conversion and travel

    I need some urgent assistance folks

    Me and my wife entered in US on Company(A)'s H1 and H4 visa , After 3 month i got laidoff from company(A) and after one week i got job offer from company(B) and i started working with Company(B) they applied for my H1-trasfer and i got my I-797 approval.

    we never applied for my wifes h4 visas for company(B), my wife got job offer after sometime and we applied for her H1 she worked for almost 3 months on H1 and now she is pregnant, she is planning to give up H1 visas and ready to comeback on H4 visas.

    now my question is she is having valid H4 stamping on her passport with my Previous employer which is company(A) up to 10/10/2005.

    can she able to go our homecountry for about month from now and come back without stamping or she need to stamp H4 visas again with US consulate my I-797 is valid upto 04/30/2006 with Company(B)?

    or she need to apply first change of status here from H1 to H4?

    Let me know if you can able to help me



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    She can travel on her own H1 if she is not planning to quit her job immediately. Or she should transfer from H1 to H4 in the US and then travel to homeland. Either ways, she should have to go the respective consulate at homeland to get the passport stamped either for H1 or H4. She can't travel on your Co.A H4.
    The procedure for stamping for H1 or H4 are available elsewhere on this site.