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  • LCA for work from home

    This is is my problem. I am working as a Strategic Management Analayst. My employer is based out of North Carolina. Recently, I haven't been doing well and needed to move with my family in Atlanta, GA. I may need to stay here for a few months. My employer agreed to let me work from home. So they decided to get me a LCA addendum to enable me to work from home. But when we contacted my lawyer, he said that it was not possible for me to work from home for my title. I checked with a few of my friends with similar jobs, and they don't seem to have this problem. I also checked with another attorney who seems to think i can work from home.

    I am really confused. What should dictate whether it is possible to work from home or not? Is there any change in recent H1-B filings that does not allow working from home and getting a LCA for that.

    Would really appreciate knowledgeable inputs. Thanks.

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    Your job title has nothing to do with this, that lawyer may be alluding to some policy of your employer or they may be thinking that your salary does not pass the bar in Atlanta. But, your employer should consult an attorney to check if a petition amendment is also necessary. These days filing a new LCA is not sufficient.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.