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H1B 7th yr extension- PERM approved, I-140 pending

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  • H1B 7th yr extension- PERM approved, I-140 pending

    My 6 year timeline for H1-B ends on January 30, 2013. My PERM was filed on April 21, 2012 which was later approved. I-140 was applied in September 2012 and it is still pending. My company applied for premium processing of I-140 this month and the USCIS has started the 15 day timeline to respond starting January 11, 2013. Please suggest me options for my H1-B extension.

    1. Will I be eligible for 1 yr extension based on approved PERM? If yes, should my company file the extension paperwork asap and not wait for I-140 to be approved?

    2. What are my legal options if I-140 is not approved before January 30, 2013? Should I fly back to India, wait for all the paperwork to be ready and then apply for visa from India?