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F1 to H1 ( Legal Issue) Please help

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  • F1 to H1 ( Legal Issue) Please help


    Iam a student who had applied for H1 without completing my Masters. I got H1 approval on June 23rd but my H1 starts only on Oct1st.

    I did not register for Summer also as it was not a mandatory semester.

    Now what I need to know is...
    1) Do I have to register for courses in Fall to remain in status?
    2) Some of my friends told me that I need not or rather I cannot register
    because my Status wud have changed from F1 to H1 in the INS.
    3) If it has been changed, then does it mean that by the time my H1 actually
    starts in October, I would have been out of status? bcos my H1 got
    approved on June 23rd itself.
    4) I want to know what is my current status.Where can I find out about this?
    5) Am I already on bench now? Do the Pay Stubs have to be run now? Is
    that possible cause my H1 starts only from Oct 1st?
    6) Will this gap be questioned when I go for stamping?

    Please let me know..
    I really dont know what to do
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