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Additional Part Time H1b

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  • Additional Part Time H1b

    I have a full time h1b, and I need another part-time h1b to work towards another consulting job.
    1: Is the new application like a h1b-transfer, where I can start working for this company after the application has been posted?
    2: Is it subject to cap-limitations?
    3: Can it be for less than 20 hours?
    Thanks in advance,

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    Additional Part Time H1b

    I found another thread on this forum, which mentioned that I could work as a volunteer, as long as all other employees of the company are doing volunteer-work. So, what if the company is owned by a relative (no-employees), and i help him with his stuff, and don't charge for it.


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      I found the following on another website:

      Can a foreign national invest money in any venture?
      A person on an H1B or other temporary work visa in the United States can legally invest in any venture or company. You can start to undertake volunteer work on behalf of the venture or company at any time. However, you are not allowed to work on a full-time basis for that company and earn a salary until obtaining prior approval from the INS or DOL to work for that venture or company. In order for the person on an H1B to work for another company or employer, the person is required to obtain a concurrent H1B approval to work for the new entity, in addition to the present employer.