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H1 interview...document verification

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  • H1 interview...document verification

    Hi everyone!

    I recently appeared for H1 visa interview at the US consulate in Dubai. The interview went well etc but the officer told me that they will need to verify my documents and took copies of my certificate (degree, 797, pharmacy certificate etc) and returned all the originals back to me. She said that they will contact me in a week or two and let me know when and if I can pick up the visa. They did not issue any letter with 221(g) or any refusal notice etc, but only gave me a receipt for my fee payment with a stamp, "visa application received" and date etc.

    I am a pharmacist and have an approval for a position as a pharmacist intern with a major US pharmacy chain.

    Has anyone encountered anything like this and what are the implications for visa approval in such a scenario?

    My case seems a lot similar to the 221(g) 'adminstrative processing' cases but they have not issued any letter to me about that??!!

    Any insight anyone??

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    The only option left for you is to wait till the Consulate contacts you in this regard. You may also try writing them an email will all the relevant details and see if you get any reply.


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      Thanks for the reply veena

      I guess I will just have to stick it out till they call me or something. My main concern is that if this sort of action is without precedent and what it really means for the visa approval. ie whether the visa is aproved pending document verification?

      One thing I came to know about is that the consular officers are being suspicious of Indian college degrees and they want to verify authenticity. If that is the case then does that mean that they have no other issues for giving the visa?

      Any other people out there who have applied for their H1s from dubai? It would be great to hear from them!