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H1B COE related question

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  • H1B COE related question

    I have a bit of situation here, I am currently working with employer A, my stamped VISA in passport was expired in 2011, extension is valid till 2014. Now I have an offer from employer B, employer B is processing my H1 through premium processing and I am expecting this to complete in 2 weeks.

    I have to go to India in April-2013, but i am planning to go for VISA stamping before joining employer B. is it possible after my H1B is transferred to new company Employer B ( as I understand at this point, I'll have 2 valid approved petition ) and I can go to canada/Mexico and get stamped Employer B's VISA i.e. before joining employer B.
    basically is it possible to still work with company A and before joining employer B, get it's VISA stamped?
    my concern is in case my VISA gets stuck, my current employer can easily wait for 4-5 months while I'm not sure about employer B.
    Appreciate your suggetion on this.